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Tamaar aims to provide state of the art results driven natural skin care solutions and improve wellbeing naturally.

Using natural products does not mean you compromise on results. We combine the best natural ingredients, used traditionally across the world, with modern technology to give you the results you want for your skin. 

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October 12, 2019

Are You Happy in Your Own Skin?

We can all remember a time when we tried everything to cover up a spot, decided that people will see it a mile away, contemplated not going out or considered wearing a bag over our head! Sadly, some people experience these feelings on a daily basis. It’s not just spotty skin that’s the problem: eczema, vitiligo, rosacea, dry skin, oily skin and scarring are just some of the things that can affect our skin confidence. A study by Garnier found that over half of women (51%) said that skin problems stop them from living their lives to the full and just over a tenth have reclusive tendencies due to lack of skin confidence.