Our Vision


  • To empower consumers to ensure the treatment choices they make are informed and the most effective for their individual skincare problem.
  • Increasing customer confidence through better understanding of the healing power of natural ingredients.


Our Mission


  • Through regular innovation and ongoing research, we will strive to provide consumers with safe and effective natural alternatives to control and manage their skin conditions.
  • To work closely with other health care professionals to provide a multi-disciplinary platform to share knowledge and experience



Our Values

  • Results driven, natural innovative formulations
  • No animal testing carried out or commissioned
  • Transparency of Ingredients- We like to show off our ingredients not hide them!
  • Buisness for good - for every product you buy a forest tree is planted to help support the environment. 


Free from

  • Any ingredient resulting from the slaughter of animals
  • Alcohol (denat.)
  • Parabens & SLS
  • Artificial fragrance (Parfum)
  • Harsh Preservatives
  • GMO



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October 12, 2019

Are You Happy in Your Own Skin?

We can all remember a time when we tried everything to cover up a spot, decided that people will see it a mile away, contemplated not going out or considered wearing a bag over our head! Sadly, some people experience these feelings on a daily basis. It’s not just spotty skin that’s the problem: eczema, vitiligo, rosacea, dry skin, oily skin and scarring are just some of the things that can affect our skin confidence. A study by Garnier found that over half of women (51%) said that skin problems stop them from living their lives to the full and just over a tenth have reclusive tendencies due to lack of skin confidence.