During my career as a pharmacist, I found people increasingly in search of alternative products to help manage their skin conditions. I saw how people let these conditions affect their confidence and stop them from living their lives to the full.


Having suffered from acne myself and letting it affect my confidence, I knew what some of my patients were going through. My love of natural remedies led me to search for ingredients that eventually helped me clear my acne. Having observed the same feelings and effects of skin concerns on my patients, I  decided that more people needed to be aware of  the healing power of natural ingredients. 


I began my research on some of the most common skin conditions, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, ageing and eczema. I studied ingredients used traditionally for centuries around the world to innovative high tech natural ingredients that are increasingly gaining recognition. Through my research I found powerful natural plant extracts and newer biotechnological complexes that have been shown to be equal to, or in some cases more effective than, some traditional gold standard products with harsh synthetic ingredients. My aim was to provide natural and safer skincare that really gets results and to do that I established Tamaar.


I’m also a great believer in inside out beauty. Working for over a decade in healthcare, I’ve met some amazing professionals, including nutritionists and lifestyle and mind-set coaches. I wanted to create a platform where this information from these experts and myself can be made available to everyone. So, I’ll be sharing information from my research and other professionals in the form of blogs and interviews, so please do sign up to our newsletter below. You’ll also receive advice, exclusive offers to use in our online shop and invitations to our wellbeing and networking events too.


My Vision for Tamaar is to empower people with the confidence on the healing power of natural ingredients. 


Nav Kaur

Founder, Tamaar Skincare

(Member of the General Pharmaceutical Council and Society of Cosmetic Scientists)




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July 19, 2019

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