Why Everyone's Talking About Tamarind

Why Everyone's Talking About Tamarind

If you've been to a Thai restaurant recently, chances are you might have had some tamarind in your food - probably without even realising. It's been a staple ingredient in both Indian and Asian cooking for centuries, but people have only recently started talking about its health benefits.


Not content with just being tasty, the pulp from the tamarind tree can be used in medicine and as a polish, the wood is made into furniture and oil is extracted from its seeds. Even the leaves can be used in cooking. With all of these uses, it's surprising it has stayed under the radar in the UK for so long.


Despite being relatively unknown in the western world, humans have been eating it for 2,500 years. It was popular as a snack before the medicinal properties were known as it can taste sour or sweet depending upon when it is picked. Once they started eating it, they found it had gentle laxative properties and could be used as an antiseptic by putting it on wounds to help with healing. However, those who were superstitious believed you should never go to sleep under, or tie a horse to, a tamarind tree!


Many consumers are now choosing to use products containing tamarind seed extract instead of hyaluronic acid as more people make the switch to all-natural ingredients. Recent studies have shown that tamarind has actually outperformed hyaluronic acid when levels of skin moisturisation and those all-important wrinkle reduction properties were tested. It's able to do this because it contains xyloglucan molecules which bond to the water molecules in our bodies keeping our skin hydrated. At Tamaar, we were excited to have found an ingredient to use in our products that lived up to our ethos of being natural but still giving the results people want.


Research continues to reveal more benefits of tamarind with new studies taking place all the time. Scientists have found that it contains high levels of antioxidants which protect the cells within your body helping to prevent the external signs of aging that we see. There is also evidence that the seeds are high in a protein that increases collagen activity, which is part of the body’s natural healing process. It is also being used in some sun creams as it has properties that protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet light and it’s also hypoallergenic.  So, not only does it help on the inside, it helps us look good on the outside too!


At Tamaar, we keep up to date with all the latest research so we can bring you the best products. We use tamarind seed extract in every item we make across our range, so if you want to see if it really is as good as research suggests, then why not try our advanced natural skincare range a try.